Footpatrol x Classic Material x Normski T-shirt Launch: Recap Video

We are is pleased to present our second collaboration with Footpatrol and renowned UK street style photographer Normski, a collection of t-shirts bearing Normski’s original photographic works: insightful black and white portraits offering a window into the world of hip hop artists and street style in the late ‘80s early ‘90s. This year’s collection features 5 icons of the era photographed in their heyday: De La Soul, Ice Cube, Guru, Dr. Dre and Eric B.

Thanks to everyone that attended the launch party at the pop-up store in Soho, London on August 15th. It was a blast!


- - - - -

Normski exploded onto the public stage in the early 90s as presenter of the groundbreaking BBC2 programmes ‘Def 2’ and ‘Dance Energy’, broadcasting the previously under-represented elements of the UK’s black music & dance music scenes to a new audience.

Throughout this period and for many years prior, Normski had been documenting UK club culture and the rise of hip hop culture in the UK through photography. As a key figure in the UK’s early hip hop community, Normski enjoyed unrivaled access to the rising stars of the home grown scene and high profile touring acts from the US, both subjects which feature heavily in his work from the period.

Over the last three years Classic Material, a project founded by UK DJ/recording artist Chris Read and DJ/promotor Nick Armitage, has been celebrating 30+ years of recorded rap music through a series of events, exhibitions and limited edition products paying tribute to the genre’s defining moments.